Moldavian dragonhead oil

We obtain the oil by carefully cold pressing from the seeds of Moldavian dragonhead (Dracocephalum Moldavica (L.)).

The active principles from moldavian dragonhead oil nourishes effectively the skin in its active zones providing strong anti-oxidative effect due to high content of α-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid).

Present phospholipids enhance penetration of active principles into deep layer of the skin and phytosterols are responsible for the appropriate water retention in skin in so far that it remains fully hydrated and nourished.

Oil can be easily incorporated into final cosmetic preparation thanks to low tension on the boundary of water and lipid phases (polar oil).



Oil from Moldavian dragonhead offer in the following qualities:

  • Pure cold pressed oil
  • Refined grade A
  • Refined grade B

Moldavian dragonhead is suitable for most cosmetic applications including preparations for children and infants.