About us


IREL, Comp. Ltd.

It was established in year 1994 as a Czech private company. Since its inception, the company IREL is major manufacturing partner of international pharmaceutical companies.

Production is primarily focused on pre-extraction treatment of medicinal drugs, especially milk thistle and ergot. High-quality pre-extraction treatment of these plants allows more efficient final extraction of medicinal substances, which is connect with their higher quality.


Moravol, Comp. Ltd.

Moravol company was established in year 1995 as a subsidiary company of firm IREL Comp. Ltd.

The company is focused (sinceits inception) particularly the cultivation of medicinal plants, especially seeds of milk thistle, Moldavian Dragonhead and Amaranth, their subsequent treatment and processing of natural materials.


We offer contract manufacturing of cosmetics and veterinary products

Business and other businesses subject we offer flexible contract manufacturing of cosmetics and veterinary products or merely filling and labeling.

We are certified ČSN EN ISO 22716: 2008 issued by TÜV SÜD Czech Ltd. – good manufacturing practices for the following areas: production of human and veterinary cosmetics preparations, production of cosmetic herbal extracts and tinctures.

We provide excellent manufacturing service. For any further questions or orders please contact us.


Optical sorting

We offer the sorting of plant material with using optical sorting technology. We use optical sorter equipped with a control system HI-TECH with CCD camera, which is able to detect darker and brighter colors, transparency and shape of the sorting material.


  • Increased the value of the processed material
  • Profit quality material for the customer
  • Higher efficaciously in the manufacturing process and reducing the operating costs to a minimum

For any further questions or orders please contact us.


Vision – the idea

For over 20 years we process by our own development breed, legally protected varieties of milk thistle. We supervise the progress of cultivation at the selected growers from controlled organic agriculture.

The grown milk thistle we process in our own production . Processing of milk thistle is under carefully way – cold pressing. The entire process is succumb to strict controls, certifications and provability of origin. We have the same access to all other products that are processed.

Our aim is to continue to provide the high quality products, services with respect to the environment around us. Quality, good customer relations, protection of nature – it is our tradition, we want to continue to maintain.



The company IREL, Comp. Ltd. is a manufacturer of a wide spectrum products from cosmetics, feed, food to manufacturing of pharmaceutical tinctures and mechanical pretreatment plant drugs. All these products are manufactured with observance of instructions of good manufacturing practice (SVP, GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice) and meet the most demanding quality requirements.

Certificate of GMP compliance of a manufacturer (State Institute for Drug Control)
Products Certification Body TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o.
TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH (30696)
Halal Product Certificate
TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o.
Kosher Certificate
Biokont certificate as organic producer of food and feed



Production of cosmetic products is certified by TÜV SÜD Czech, Ltd. from year 2010 and then in one-year intervals regularly audited.

  • Management control and control quality in the production, storage in quality control of pharmaceutical extracts and tinctures is audited by the State Institute for Drugs Control (SIDC) since 2008.
  • In year 2014, SIDC certification was extended to the field of good manufacturing practice in the processing of milk thistle and ergot (mechanical pretreatment).
  • In the area of food and feed production the company follow by the legislative regulations in the Czech Republic and the European Union. For these types of products we are companies Biokont CZ, Ltd. certified as organic producers.