Milk thistle

The Company Moravol CZ, Comp. Ltd. holds legal protection of several varieties of milk thistle among other varietes Mirel, which has been applied for legal protection as a new breed of milk thistle with significant contant of fatty oil and a specific spectrum of fatty acids.

Seeds contain a significant proportion of fatty oil with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid (omega-6), 26 - 28% are proteins and  25-35% is oil in the approximate composition of 55 - 72% linoleic acid, 15-20% oil acid, furthermore 8-14% saturated fatty acids (alpha-linolenic 0.23%, arachidonic acid 3.45% , stearic acid 5.28%, 8.47% palmitic acid, behenic acid, 2.67%).

We guarantee the observance of breeding system OM  and its post-harvest treatment. All activities in the field of maintenance breeding of OM and its post-harvest treatment conducted in accordance with the system GACP. 


Milk thistle cake

The primary processing of milk thistle fruit arise grey-brown pressing substance with a specific oily smell and bitter taste, so called Milk thistle cake.

It used as starting material for another processing in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries. High content of flavonolignans in the milk thistle cake contributes to the normal function of the livers and gall bladder. Processed products are  supplied in organic quality


Fraction F1 - milk thistle

It is the product from the milk thistle fruit processing with our developed technology represented of fractions F1,  intended for the pharmaceutical industry. It is a material with a high content of silymarin complex with a guaranteed content of min. 6%. The product does not contain preservatives and dye (stuff).

New sophisticated raw material with significant benefits:

  • High content of flavonolignans (over 6%)
  • Uniformed particle size
  • Convenient for all extraction procedures
  • Significantly lower extraction costs
  • Easier purification due to lower content of fast, starch and proteins
  • Less wastes 

Fraction F2 - milk thistle

The fine fraction obtained by mechanical processing of the milk thistle fruit. Its advantage is declared content of silymarin complex min. 2.5%. This fraction is particularly suitable as feed material - loose milk thistle seed expeller. The product does not contain preservatives and dye (stuff). For more informations we send specification.

The fine fraction obtained by milling of the pre-treated milk thistle fruit. It is characterized by its beige to gray colour, typical aroma and a slightly bitter taste, which is intended for further heat processing.


  • High protein content with balanced proportion of essential amino acids
  • Hypoallergenic composition (gluten free food)
  • High content of fibre
  • Low conrent of sodium
  • Declared content of flavonolignans 0.5 to 1.0% 

Material is suitable for the production of foods and functional foods (in addition to the base material in an amount up to 5% of its total dry mass).

Use: bakery, paste and meat industry.

This product is offered in conventional and organic quality.


Fraction F3 - milk thistle

The flour is made of mechanically pre-treated fruit of milk thistle.

Its advantage is declared content of silymarin complex min. 0.5%. Its colour is creamy to beige, with characteristic aroma ad lightly bitter taste. The plant material is not of GMO origin.

For more informations we send specification.


Organic milk thistle

Milk thistle fruit is a natural product from controled - organic farming, designated especially for normal function of the livers and gall bladder.

Content of flavonolignans in the primal, non-crystalline form, can effectively make to accelerate the regeneration of liver cells and protect them from damage caused by toxic substances.

  • Source of Vitamin E
  • Antioxidant
  • To maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • To maintain a normal blood pressure

Milk thistle oil virgin

Milk thistle oil virgin is an oil obtained by pressing the fruit of the milk thistle by cold pressing.

The gentle molding process and subsequent filtration obtain oil in its natural form and quality without mechanical impurities originating from fixed parts of the milk thistle fruit.

By cold pressing the milk thistle oil retains all fat soluble vitamins, especially vitamin E, and highly prized  unsaturated fatty acids, ie. Omega-6 fatty acids.

Milk thistle virgin oil is suitable for food and cosmetic industries, and feed purposes.


Milk thistle oil rafined, grade A and B

Subsequent refining process with the help of extraction solvents we obtain the milk thistle oil in two qualities - refined A and refined B.

Obtained oils are divest of undesirable free fatty acids and accompanying substances accelerating spoilage. They are taste and smell neutral. For more information we send specification.

Such oil in qualities A and B (differs each other in the appearance of the oil concerning colour intensity) is suitable for most of cosmetic applications including preparations for children and infants. 


Milk thistle organic oil virgin extra

Milk thistle oil extra virgin is formed by cold pressing mechanically pre-treated milk thistle fruit.

Pressed oil, its quality is suitable for food and cosmetic treatment. The oil we are able to offer our potential customers to supply treated by microbial filtration.

Extra virgin we also supply in organic quality with a guarantee of 100% organic ingredients with no GMOs.

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